The Food Hygiene Game

Helping communities provide safe food to vulnerable people

During the COVID-19 crisis, many of us are preparing regular meals for vulnerable people to help sustain them. However, anyone preparing food must be aware of the potential harm they could cause and how to prevent it.

"We really wanted a fun way for people to learn about food hygiene, especially during the current COVID-19 crisis. We hope that it will help people feel more confident about providing safe and hygienic food to vulnerable people."

Brenda Black, CEO, Edinburgh Community Foods.

The game’s simple quiz-style makes learning more accessible, especially for anyone who struggles with formal study methods. Most importantly the learning points can be put into practice immediately, reducing the risk of food-borne infection.

"The game is a fun, interactive and useful way to keep people learning about food hygiene. The game includes many key facts about food hygiene that learners will find relevant."

Jackie McCabe, Acting Chief Executive, REHIS.

Topics covered by the game include:

  • Food hazards
  • Personal hygiene
  • Working environment
  • Food pests
  • Cleaning practices
  • Introduction to HACCP

"Great game and easy to use. I really liked the clapping when you get an answer right!"

The game is free to play and will work on any device.

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