The Food Hygiene Game

The game is based around questions which stimulate discussions.

How does it work?

Two teams compete to reach the finish line by discussing and answering questions. Questions are designed to promote discussion, helping players to improve their knowledge by learning from each other. The game can be used in structured food hygiene training, or as an informal learning activity in the hospitality/catering industry or in education settings.

Suitable for food handlers and servers in any business or education setting:

  • Introduction to Food Hygiene courses
  • Refresher Food Hygiene training
  • Home Economics/Food education in schools
  • Higher education (food science, health or catering)
  • Induction packages for food retailers, catering or other food businesses
  • Food handlers and servers in any food business
  • Activity for food industry training or information events

Also included: Test your temperatures.
Quiz questions designed to reiterate the important temperatures that a food handler must know – for example, core cooking temperature, reheating temperature, etc. This includes specific questions based on recommendations in Scotland, and the rest of the UK.

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